Jamie Gravell is a rising 6th year doctoral student at UCLA in the Department of Education in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Urban Schooling Division, Learning Science Program. She received her MA in Race & Ethnic Studies in Education from UCLA in 2013. Jamie has been an editorial assistant for Cognition & Instruction, a researcher at the UCLA Lab School, a facilitator for an after school youth participatory action research program, and a technology integration coach for Los Angeles Unified School District during her time at UCLA. Previously, she was a high school social studies teacher, field hockey coach, and student government sponsor in the Washington, D.C. public schools. She is currently interested in the possibilities of utilizing Critical Race Theory, sociocultural theory, and emerging technology, including the tools utilized in Digital Humanities, to design for and provide support for preservice and inservice teachers to engage students in more empowering and authentic social studies curriculum and instruction in K-12 public schools. Her dissertation work focuses on the ways in which Urban Teacher Residency students make sense of the intersections between social justice and digital tools.  

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